Shaping the future in Recruitment

HighKnack is a recruitment optimization platform that lets you manage all jobs, candidates, interview processes in one place. With HighKnack, you have complete view of recruitment processes and recruitment reports in one place to help you shape the recruitment for your company

Don’t just engage, make it engaging.

- Collaborative recruitment
- Manage user roles and permissions
- Create and delegate task
- Assign different stages

Workflow that works for your benefit.

Hiring isn’t a solo pursuit. Multiple people are involved in the recruiting process but coordinating everyone is difficult. Our recruiting software allows you to assign tasks in one place.

Our awesome features

Our features will help to streamline recruitment

HR team and Employees use Intuitive and User Friendly Interface to screen candidates, schedule the interviews and closing the job opportunities all in place. Having everything in once place helps optimizing the processes, reduce the cost of hiring and speed up the recruitment.

All Candidates in One Place

No need to have multiple platforms for your candidates. Having all candidates in one place simplifies and reduces data redundancy.

Intuitive Interface

User friendly interface helps your team to perform faster and minimizes time consuming tasks.

Recruitment Analytics

Recruiting is now a data-driven function which means you need to quickly see and make sense of your data.

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ

We have import candidate functionality. We gives you example of prefilled candidate details in csv format, you just need to convert your candidate data in that format and you can include candidate data in bulk.
We provided separate place to approach candidates opening wise. So that you can keep track in which opening you have approach which candidates with the details.
We have provide your interview details in Calender view on dashobard so that you can easily track on which day you have which interview.
We have provide you timeline for the interview process. You can collect all the information about the whole interview undergoing at once place.
We have provides different reports where you can fetch timely data which shows average how much time is taken to fulfill any requirement or what is the performance of the assignee which is assign to fulfill that job opening with graphical representation.
We have easy reschedule functionality, so that you can reschedule interview for the requested new time easily.